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Injection mold tooling with a custom touch

The difference between an immaculate part and a fiasco is often conditioned by the mold you rely on. At BaiChuan Precision, we say no to failures industry-wide. Perfect your parts by perfecting your tooling with our injection molding services for any custom build.

From single-stage hot runners to fancy molds – BaiChuan Precision is adept at full-service injection molding for your tooling. You only give us specs for fixed and moving tooling sections – we bring them to life according to the required compliance standards and mold category. Add your newly fabricated tooling to the production floor and keep creating parts that are a sight to behold and put into an assembly.

The mold manufacturer in China

Are you working on a new concept or tasked to improve a part of your current product? Injection molding in China, in partnership with BaiChuan Precision, allows you to enjoy lower costs for tooling while seeing your new piece as an impeccable 3D object. Relying on the profound expertise of our technicians and specialty equipment, we can fabricate custom builds based on your purpose:

  • Stainless steel molds – These extra-durable builds easily hold up to the heat produced during injection processes and are a great match for plaster or Styrofoam. They work best if you plan mass-volume production.
  • Plastic molds – These builds are worth considering for waxes and paraffin and are suitable for smaller batches of products. They are less durable and more affordable than their stainless steel counterparts.

Regardless of the type, injection mold tooling results in a build with an ideally smooth surface. You can set it up as an addition to existing molds or alone. We will fabricate your mold for material compatibility, expected production volume, and part design intricacies.

Our commitment to quality and promptness

We don’t leave room for trade-offs when working on your tooling as an injection mold tool manufacturer. Whether you are interested in a plastic or stainless steel build, we coordinate the fabrication process with all stakeholders and are open to modifications. Plus, this service includes:

  • Fast tool making to reduce lead times
  • Provable accuracy of the final build during the design process
  • Thorough testing of all fixed and moving elements before delivery

Investing in professional molding machine services for your tooling is the first step to making your parts flawless. Contact us to get started on your build.

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