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Boost mask manufacturing with BaiChuan Precision N95 roller supplier

The need for masks for health protection has been tremendously high during the COVID-19 pandemic. The general outlook might have changed since 2020, but the demand is still incredible, considering the new virus variants and global threats exacerbated by climate change. Besides, COVID-19 has yet to be beaten. To boost your mask manufacturing capabilities, accelerate your daily rolling and cutting processes with N95 mask machine rollers.

Our rollers are made of DC-53 steel at HRC 58-62 and can be used to roll and cut almost 60,000 standard KN masks daily. Each roller is durable enough to work for three consecutive days before you need a replacement. If your volumes are adjusted to a higher population, stock up on multiple sets beforehand to minimize downtime and keep your mask machines working.

N95 CNC roller machines to diversify your business

Making masks with NIOSH-approved designs can be profitable for any business. As an N95 roller machine manufacturer, BaiChuan Precision can deliver rollers you can couple with your other healthcare products or sell as extra-value items. The masks can be excellent additions to facial protection and PPE.

If you have nothing except a concept in your blueprints, we can take you from there to a custom product. Send us the description of the masks you would like to manufacture, and our engineers will give you the preliminary design for your machine and estimate your expenses.

No imperfections with CNC-machined precision

As an N95 roller supplier, we realize that any flaw in our rollers can make your business slip up. BaiChuan Precision has developed and implemented 3-step quality control to prevent this from happening. Here’s what we test before and after manufacturing CNC roller machines:

  • Raw materials. We use a full-spectrum detection system to check steel and other materials utilized to manufacture your N95 rollers.
  • Production. We run a test batch to see if manufactured rollers fit the pre-defined requirements.
  • Pre-shipment condition. We inspect your rollers before shipping to ensure they are spotless. 

The best N95 roller manufacturer in China

If you consider starting NIOSH-approved mask production, be prepared to invest in cutting and rolling equipment. Doing so with BaiChuan Precision is a win-win as you get ready-to-use roller machines in China and receive the backing of our 25 years of experience. 

We can also expand your production with other CNC equipment sets, custom molds, and machining services.

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