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Custom injection molding solutions for highly efficient production processes

Are you disrupting your manufacturing processes to expedite assemblies and bring new products to market? If you’re operating in the automotive, medical, or electronics industry, BaiСhuan Precision can help as an injection molding manufacturer. We can render assistance in foreseeing potential design issues, creating prototypes, and producing injection molds to lower the costs that have been ballooning for you in recent years.

On-demand manufacturing of injection molding items enables you to produce batches in a wink, bridging the gap between prototyping and full-scale production. By creating a small batch, you can use it for internal and external product tests to check whether your pieces meet the demand.

BaiСhuan Precision can not only act as an injection molding supplier but also undertake the entire production process. We are ready to address your lead-time needs for pieces that are perfect straight out of the mold and can be worked on once you get them.

Injection molding products

Injection molding products that often come out of our production lines

Creating injection molds is a fool-proof practice to achieve production excellence with as few product design deviations as possible. Precision-machined and made using top-quality injection mold base materials, molds let you recreate features at scale without manually tinkering with shape irregularities. That’s how you can get a slew of identical items, including:

  • Plastic bottles and containers. Injection molding of plastic bottles can add consistency to your products in any size and shape for ISO compliance and safety requirements, whether you churn out bottles for soft drinks, shampoos, or other products.
  • Housings. Most plastic housings are consistently produced using molds, including the housings you use for remote controls and kitchen appliances.
  • Medical devices. The healthcare industry is brimming with products made with injection molding. It’s great for producing disposable items like syringes and test tubes or creating complex designs for prosthetics and medical equipment casings.
  • Toys. There’s a long list of bricks, figurines, and collectibles made with machines set up for injection molding for toys. The highest level of precision achieved during the production process can help toy manufacturers make their items safer to use for children.
  • Agricultural components. Injection molding is ideal for producing crates, tubs, cleaning equipment, and other plastic products commonly used in the agricultural industry. They are proven to be superior to once-common metal items thanks to increased versatility under all weather conditions.
  • Household products. If your assembly line often sees home-related items like drinkware or PET containers, you can manufacture them more efficiently with injection molding.

At BaiСhuan Precision, we can use over 20 injection molding materials for the products you’re creating. If you are not sure about the ideal option, we’re here for advice.

Injection molding materials

We have wide selection of more than 20 thermoplastic and thermoset materials as follows.

Acetal Copolymer
Acetal Homopolymer
UV stable PC(Makrolon 2807)

Speedy production run = Cost savings

With many years of combined designing and manufacturing experience, BaiСhuan Precision produces high-quality injection molds and final products. We will have your back at all project stages so that you can rely on us for:

  • Accurate DFM reports prepared for each run. We will analyze the feasibility of your design requirements and come up with optimization ideas before pouring plastic into your custom molds.
  • Unlimited availability. Each mold has limited throughput, which may turn into an ever-worsening efficiency problem for large orders for injection molding products. To break through it, we can set up multiple molds simultaneously to adjust throughput to the number of pieces you need. 
  • Expedited molding and delivery times. Forget about stacking raw materials because the molding process takes ages. It’s always lightning-fast with BaiСhuan Precision, so your parts get to the fulfillment center within days.

Want a mold for your own facility? We’ll be thrilled to create one for free!

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