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Universal and project-specific CNC machining fixtures from China

CNC is the technology behind never-before-seen manufacturing precision. Computer-controlled machines are immune to miscutting and wrong assemblies while putting any production into high gear in terms of promptness and repeatability. The only challenge your floor workers may encounter is holding a workpiece appropriately when using a milling machine or a laser. That is why CNC milling fixtures are so crucial for the quality of the cutting process and the end product.

BaiChuan Precision is happy to pass on its precision to your facilities with fixtures required for high-accuracy operations. We can create them in universal and custom options to deliver factory-grade jigs, ensuring the reliable positioning of your assembly components or workpieces for milling, laser cutting, and other CNC processes. 

Custom machining fixtures

Per your request, we can craft bespoke fixtures to cover the specific requirements of your projects, including part rigidity, unique machine setups, fixture contact, and more. Decide on the type of operations you will use them for to choose between:

  • Turning fixtures. You may need these jigs to work with a workpiece during rotation processing.
  • Milling fixtures. These are the most commonly used fixtures for milling machines to manipulate the cutter while holding your pieces in a hands-free way.
  • Drilling fixtures. They are simple to use during the drilling process but must be made with precision to ensure mechanical stability. BaiChuan Precision can do that.
  • Boring fixtures. The quality of these fixtures is a make-or-break thing for accurate holes, as any issue may affect the final shape of the piece. But your boring operations are safe with BaiChuan Precision.
  • Grinding fixtures. These jigs are for you if you’re busy holding and aligning parts properly for the clean cut. 

We can provide different CNC mill fixturing combinations and configurations. To discuss them with our engineers, contact us. Remember that complex jigs take time to design and manufacture, so plan your operations accordingly.

25 years of excellence

As an indispensable element for any CNC machine, a tool fixture isn’t something you can be careless about. If your jig fails during the cutting process, your workpiece may be damaged, your machine may become non-functional, and your staff may get hurt.

BaiChuan Precision draws upon 25 years of experience creating custom machining fixtures for a range of manufacturing processes, from grinding to turning. Let’s make your production downtime-free and your floor workers safe! 

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