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BaiChuan Precision - Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Custom Automotive Parts

Seeking a trusted, swift Automotive parts provider? BaiChuan Precision stands out for bespoke metal and plastic components. Our facility, equipped with over 30 advanced CNC machines, is designed for both rapid prototyping and large-scale production machining. Supported by an 18-year legacy and a strategic network of partner shops across the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and New Zealand, we guarantee unlimited manufacturing capacity for top-quality parts delivered promptly for each project. Experience our specialized online CNC machining services now!

Precision Automotive Parts Showcase

Explore the pinnacle of precision with BaiChuan Precision, where we transform ideas into reality through our CNC machining expertise. Our gallery is a testament to our dedication to top-quality, customized Automotive parts, crafted by our skilled team. When it comes to custom Automotive parts solutions, your search ends here with us!

Why Partner with BaiChuan for CNC Machining?

Discover unmatched precision, top-tier quality, and unmatched affordability, no matter the volume. BaiChuan Precision stands ready to meet your needs with speed and expertise.


1 pcs

Platform Company

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Fast Delivery

Prototyping 3 Day

Ultimate service

7/24 Personalized Collaboration & Strategic DFM Guidance

Unwavering High Quality

ISO 9001:2015, provides a QC report for each part

State-Of-The-Art Facility

3-, 4-, & 5-axis CNC machines for manufacturing. CMM & XRF analyzer for QC

Nothing speaks louder than the Voice of a contented Client.

Dive into the testimonials of our valued partners to discover how we’ve met their unique needs with precision and excellence.

As the owner of a small business that develops new products for our own market and also for other companies, BC has always been very helpful as our main supplier of prototype parts from metals and plastics. For 5-6 years we have relied on BC for various prototypes for a multitude of products made from steel, aluminium, and several plastics. BC are receptive to our needs and are able to source the correct material for customised applications, such as specific grades of non-magnetic stainless steel. BC have also been our partner for manufacturing of stainless steel components for our electric bike business and polycarbonate parts for our drilling alignment monitor, as well as many other productions from a wide variety of products across multiple industries.

Bonjour je m'appelle Mickaël, je voulais faire une petite vidéo pour parler de mes retours avec la société Kunshan Baichuan Precision. Si je dois décrire en quelques mots, je dirais: attentif,très impliqué, travail de précision, réactivité et communication aisée. J'ajouterai un grand merci à mon interlocutrice Linda qui a été un soutien et une patience sans faille. Merci.

Eduardo Ramirez
Eduardo RamirezUnited States
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In an industry where time is money, BaiChuan Precision has been a game-changer for us. Their CNC machining services are not only top-quality but also cost-effective. The team's expertise and their factory's capabilities have consistently impressed us, making them our go-to for all our custom product needs.
MarkNew Zealand
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In the realm of sailboat parts, quality and precision are non-negotiable. BaiChuan Precision surpassed our expectations, delivering top-notch CNC machined components that fit our designs flawlessly. Their attention to detail and commitment to fast delivery helped us sail smoothly through our peak season, without a hitch.
Anna Kovacs
Anna KovacsCanada
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As a procurement officer, my biggest challenge has always been finding a supplier who truly understands the importance of efficiency and quality. BaiChuan Precision’s team made communication effortless, and their proactive approach in providing free proofing and ensuring all certificates were genuine and up-to-date, made them stand out. It's more than a supplier-client relationship; it’s a partnership that drives our success.

3 Steps to get your parts EASILY

Unlock rapid turnaround times for your CNC prototypes and parts. Enjoy our standard 7-day lead times. Simply upload your design to verify eligibility.

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Confirm and processing

Goods arrive in 3-5 days

Details of Your Parts: Tolerances, Materials, & Finishes

Standard Tolerance CNC Machined Parts

Every part is manufactured with rigorous attention to detail. For those with specific needs, we welcome 2D drawings to guide our production. In the absence of these, indicating tolerances with ISO 2768 standards ensures that we still meet your precise requirements. See the standard we follow and how we make sure the parts meet the requirements.

Optional Materials

Aluminum, stainless steel, brass, titanium, copper, ABS, POM, PEEK, and wood material, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of industrial-grade CNC machining materials with certification. This diversity ensures that you can select the perfect material to meet the specific requirements of your custom parts, whether for prototyping phases or full-scale production runs.


Surface Finishes

BaiChuan Precision elevates the standard for CNC machined parts with a comprehensive suite of high-quality surface finishes such as polish, bead blasted, anodized(Type II & Type III), brush, galvanization, powder coat, passivation, electroless nickel plating, and PVD. Our offerings are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal, durability, and performance of your components, ensuring they meet both functional requirements and visual expectations.

From Prototyping to Production

We offer comprehensive custom CNC services tailored to meet the needs of any production volume – from prototyping to high-volume manufacturing of 10,000+ units. Our expertise ensures your transition from initial idea to end-use production parts is seamless and efficient.


Prototype Machining: Perfecting Your Design

Prototyping allows detailed evaluation of appearance, function, and material properties. This crucial step ensures your design is not just viable but optimized for production. We’re committed to quality, precision, and rapid turnaround, streamlining your journey from concept to final product.

Efficient Low-Volume Production with Custom CNC Machining

We excels in low-volume production, offering custom CNC machining that combines precision, flexibility, and a broad selection of materials. Ideal for runs of custom parts, our approach accelerates market entry while maintaining high standards of quality and consistency.

Whether you require 50 or 20,000 units, our expertise and state-of-the-art CNC technology ensure we can deliver tailored solutions efficiently and cost-effectively. Embrace the BaiChuan advantage to reduce production times and elevate your project with our integrated custom machining services.

mass production

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Normally, we will provide a quote within 12 hours. If the information you provide is comprehensive, it will allow us to quote you faster.

CAD Files in Any Format: Whether it’s 2D or 3D, we accept STP, IGES, X_T, DWG, PDF, STL, ensuring no design is too complex for us to handle.

Project Specifics: Share your expected quantities, desired machining processes, and material requirements to help us tailor our services perfectly to your needs.

Finishing Touches: Specify any secondary operations such as finishing details, heat treatments, anodizing, or plating to ensure your parts meet the highest standards.

Compliance and Certifications: Let us know about any critical industry standards or customer specifications you adhere to, including First Article Inspection, PPAP requirements, and necessary certifications.

Additional Insights: Any target pricing, desired lead times, or other pertinent information will help us align our services with your expectations.

That’s not a problem. Just send us the photos of each angle, tell us the overall dimesions, material, surface treatment and QTY of the sample, and we will quote an approximate price. If you think the price is right, we then make samples based on the drawings we get and adjust them to perfection.

As an ISO-9001 certified factory, we will strictly follow the tolerance requirements on your drawings. If you don’t know the specific tolerances, you can provide matching products or tools for us to test. Our QC department is equipped with 2 CMMs and dozens of different types of testing instruments, and will provide testing reports for each part.

With a sprawling 5000-square-meter machining shop. Our setup is not just vast; it’s meticulously organized and equipped with 30+ high-performance CNC machines and our team of 50+ skilled professionals which operates 24/7. This relentless work ethic ensures we can deliver over 500 machining projects and more than 30,000 machined parts per month, keeping your projects on schedule every time.

Milling: 6500*4200*1800mm

Lathe: 1600*1400mm

Checking: CMM 4000*2000*1500mm

You can download our equipment list here to know the details.

We are a manufacture, so you can get the most real price without talk to a middle man and also save time!

Lead times are based on quantity and product complexity. For normal products, 3-7 days to get 1 pcs, and 20 – 25 days to get 300 – 500 pcs. We will send videos or photos every two days or when the product enters every stage, such as drawing confirmation, material purchase, rough machining, precision work, surface treatment, and the final finished product, so that you can know the situation at the first time.

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