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Spindle of CNC machining process design center

Spindle of CNC machining process design center

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How to improve machining efficiency?

In the CNC machining process design, the machining route should be designed with the shortest machining route in order to improve the CNC machining efficiency. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the surface roughness and workpiece accuracy of the workpiece to be processed. This can not only reduce the number of blocks, but also reduce the idle time. For example, when milling plane contour parts on a CNC milling machine, the side edge of an end mill can be used for cutting. In operation engineering, if the milling cutter cuts in the normal direction of the outer contour of the workpiece, it will leave scratches on the surface of the workpiece.

In the process of CNC machining, machining processes such as cutting, surface treatment, cleaning, and inspection will directly affect the machining quality of the workpiece, and even affect the machining cost of the workpiece and the production efficiency of CNC products. Therefore, it is very important to arrange the processing procedures. To ensure the unity of the benchmark, to ensure the shortest machine time, to ensure the least number of clamping. CNC machining process designers can use CAD technology to program machining operations.

The CNC machining process designer can import the process method and process parameters of the relevant process into the programming system, and the programming system outputs the CNC machining information, and then performs processing and design, thereby shortening the product production cycle, optimizing the enterprise product design, and improving economic benefits.

What is a spindle?

The shaft is the power auxiliary device of the cnc machining center, and the main shaft drives the workpiece to rotate to process the workpiece of the rotating body. The spindle is an important guarantee for the high-speed and high-precision CNC machining and finishing of the cnc machining center. Therefore, the maintenance methods and skills of the machine tool spindle failure are the basic knowledge that the operators and maintenance personnel of the cnc machining center must master.

What are the common faults of the spindle:

1. Overload. Causes of failure: excessive cutting amount, frequent forward and reverse rotation, spindle motor failure, spindle drive failure.

2. The reasons for the failure of the spindle not rotating: the failure of the spindle drive, the failure of the numerical control device to output the speed signal, the failure of the spindle motor, the failure of the spindle drive, and the breakage of the transmission belt.

3. The spindle speed deviates from the command value, the cause of the failure: the motor is overloaded, the output of the spindle speed command output by the CNC system is faulty, the speed measuring device is faulty or the speed feedback signal is disconnected.

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