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Processing technology analysis

Processing technology analysis

Table of Content

1. Process analysis of machining center

Formulating the machining process plan of the machining center is an important task of CNC machining.

The primary task of formulating the machining process of a machining center is to conduct a process analysis of the parts. Its task is to analyze the completeness, correctness and technical requirements of the part drawing, select the processing content, analyze the structural manufacturability and positioning datum of the part, etc.

The part objects suitable for machining by the machining center are introduced in the previous article. The selection of machining content here refers to the selection of a surface suitable for machining by the machining center on the part after the part is selected.

Surface here usually refers to:

(1) Surfaces with high dimensional accuracy requirements;

(2) Surfaces that require high phase accuracy.

(3) Complex curves and curved surfaces are not conducive to the processing of general machine tools.

  • Surfaces that can be processed centrally

2. Industrial analysis of CNC milling

When formulating the CNC milling process of parts, the process analysis of the part drawing should be carried out first, and the main content is to select the content of CNC milling. The processing range of CNC milling machines is wider than that of ordinary milling machines, but the price is much higher than that of ordinary milling machines. Therefore, when choosing the content of CNC milling, the actual needs and economy should be considered.

Usually, the following processing parts are selected as their processing contents:

(1) Curve contours on parts, especially curve contours such as non-circular curves and list curves depicted by mathematical expressions.

(2) The space surface of the mathematical model is given.

(3) Parts with complex shapes, many sizes, scribed lines and difficult to detect.

(4) It is difficult to observe, measure and control the inner and outer slots of the feed on ordinary milling machines.

(5) The simple surface can be installed by milling in one step.

(6) The general processing content can double the productivity and greatly reduce the physical labor intensity.

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