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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Injection Mold Making Services

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Injection Mold Making Services

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When you hire a Plastic injection mold-making company, your goal is to create the best product possible, one that is more durable, aesthetically pleasing, and meets all modern needs. To achieve this goal, you should always pick a firm that will provide you with an ideal supply chain and machining services, product durability, and high precision so that your product is extremely precise, smooth, and has great surface finishing quality while keeping cost and durability in mind. This blog will thoroughly address any concerns you may have before selecting a CNC mold manufacturing company.

What is a Plastic injection Mold?

Plastic injection molding is a versatile mold-making technology that is commonly used in industries to make highly precise designs with tight tolerance. It is well-known for its durability, cost-effectiveness, and ability to generate complicated designs in a short period.

Many companies on the market claim to be the best in this field, but you need to know some basic criteria that you can use to determine which one is ideal for your case individually. If you are unsure about your specific design, you can seek advice from specialists.

At Baichuan, we have a team of expert engineers and machinists with whom you can discuss your case and receive expert advice. Our team will discuss all possible factors such as materials, design complexities, cost-effectiveness, and processing time to maintain a good manufacturing experience for your products.

Queries regarding plastic injection mold-making Services

How does injection molding work?

Injection molding is the most durable and cost-effective method of modern manufacturing. The procedure starts with the development of a 3 D CAD design model to create a specific mold. High-quality resigns are heated, passed through the channels, and filled in to the mold under high pressure. After that, the mold is removed and the product is ready for further mechanical operations if necessary.

This technique is carried out using specific injection molding machines, each of which has a different capacity depending on the volume of production needed. Even though modern injection molding machines have undergone a great deal of innovation, they may still be distinguished by three factors: hybrid, electrical, and hydraulic machines. All of these machines have unique attributes and performance measures, so it’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing each one for the best possible experience. You must speak with professionals to determine which one is appropriate for you.

How much will a mold cost?

When beginning to choose plastic mold-making services, this is the most frequent query that comes to mind. The actual cost of a plastic mold relies entirely on the needs of the client. Complex designs (such as cavities and deep holes), surface finishing methods, material choice, and strict tolerance and precision are some of the elements that affect the overall cost. Manufacturing a standard product will unquestionably lower your costs and lead time. Custom designs, on the other hand, necessitate specific consultation recording materials, design possibilities, fatigue, and stress analysis, which raises the price and elongates the production time.

Do I need a professional molder?

The most crucial element of the industrial sector is hiring a specialist. because the experts have years of project management and product development experience. Employing a professional, however, guarantees quality, durability, time savings, and precise design with appropriate parameters. Choosing the cheapest option isn’t always a good idea because, in production, quality is significantly more crucial than quantity. Therefore, to ensure smooth operations, all these factors should be considered before making any decisions.

How Do I Choose the Right Resin for My Parts?

Selecting the ideal resin for your product is a very difficult choice due to the hundreds of materials and machining options available. Making the appropriate material choice at the outset not only saves a lot of time and money but also improves the product’s machinability and optimal performance. The most common resins used in injection molding are

ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)It is the most common thermoplastic injection molding material.It shows excellent impact resistance, and can easily be machined, sanded, or colored.It is mostly used in electronic components and automobile applications like bumpers, dashboard housing, and center consoles.
PolycarbonateHigh-grade thermoplastic materialFamous for its high strength and glass-like properties. Increase shatter resistance of the products.Mostly used in safety glasses, bulletproof glasses, and medical lab equipment
Glass-Filled NylonIt is reinforced thermoplastic, with glass fiber as the base element.It shows high strength and thermal resistance properties than ABS and polycarbonate. High tensile strength and low flexibility.Mostly used in kitchen appliances and electronic application
PolypropyleneMost flexible thermoplastic resignIt is famous for its flexibility, and easily can be deformed in to the desired shapes without breaking.Can be used for both industrial or consumer applications, like bottle caps of catchups, drinks, and grocery products, and for industrial purposes they are used where one desired to use less rigid material.

The material you choose will depend on your design, your working conditions, and your working environment, but one should keep some key points in mind while making any decision, which is discussed further.

Impact strength: Resin’s Izod impact strength, should be determined from the start, as some products need more base strength resin than others.

Tensile strength: it depicts the rein’s ability to show resistance against tension, which means how much load that material can bear, without pulling apart.

Elasticity:  Some products are designed such that, they can bend to a specific level, for those designs, the selected resin should have a good value of modulus of elasticity, which determines the material’s ability to bend to a specific degree without breaking, and can be snapped back to its original position.

Heat deflection Temperature:  HDT value depicts how much a resign can deflect deformation at a given pressure, some products are designed to be used in hot weather conditions such as heat resistant mounts, housing, fixtures, hot air, or fluid flow. For this application, the resin should have a good HDT value.

Does the injection molding process need a Specific volume of Products?

No, the injection molding technique does not require a specific number of products, but it is also preferable to go with bulk production. Individual or custom designs require the full attention of designers and machinists, so the price of the product rises, whereas for bulk orders, machinists are more focused and it defiantly reduces the overall cost of the products, as now the manufacturer is focused on a single design which doesn’t need any changes for specific orders, and it reduces the lead time. Three volume ranges—Low volume, Mid volume, and Bulk volume are offered by the majority of injection molding businesses.

Do you provide Designs of the products?

The majority of our customers bring their ideas, and we accept all types of 3D Cad-modeled designs. We prefer working with PTC Creo or Solid works files, but we can convert any kind of design to modern 3-D software. You can seek advice on your design and any specific modifications you should make for durability.

If you don’t have a design, don’t worry; we can create one for you. Either you can provide a sample of the desired product and we can make a 3D model through reverse engineering, or we can set up you’re meeting with our design team to build a model as per your criteria.

Does your company have some international quality certifications?

The most crucial factor is a company’s certifications because it demonstrates the company’s professionalism and legitimacy.

You are in safe hands if your chosen company has international certification. Baichuan is accredited and complies with all global production requirements. We hold certification for the ISO-9001 Quality Management System. An international organization called ISO-9001 QMS ensures that a business has a QMS department and is able to satisfy every client’s needs in a particular industry.

What’s the difference between cold and hot runner molds?

The process of plastic injection molding begins with the creation of a mold. There are two different types of molding processes: hot runner molds and cold runner molds. Each method has advantages and disadvantages; thus, the choice is made after consultation.

In hot runner mold, A Screw nozzle is used that is fed by a barrel using a Pump, while cold modes use a thermoset molding technique. The basic purpose of the Standard System is to direct the material flow toward the desired mold. The system requires additional pressure for performing this task. the material by passing through the run system produces frictional heat under the pressure rise the temperature of the runners which is the floor towards the mold, if the pressure and the temperature are not set accordingly, then the final products may have hollow cavities and unfinished services.

Do you offer maintenance support?

We ensure quality checks before delivering our products, and we have a comprehensive quality control staff that ensures perfect designs following client requirements. Plastic molds require great precision and tight tolerance. Baichuan believes in customer satisfaction, which is why we have up to 90% repeat customers who trust in the quality and longevity of our products. However, if you have any problems with the quality of your purchase, we will always stand behind it. We provide total maintenance, surface finishing, and support for design decisions.

Do you have in-house tool capabilities? 

Tooling is a crucial component for any injection molding business because it reduces the amount of time needed for production while also being incredibly economical. specially if you are dealing with mold-making materials having a high strength-to-weight ratio, then is obvious that you have to bear tool cracking problems. Sometimes you have to use multiple tools on the same work-piece, which affects the lead time and production cost. For these reasons, in-house tool capabilities are a plus point for manufacturing industries.

How can I get a Quote for my Product?

You are welcome to get in touch with us at any time to request a quote for your items. If you have a design concept for your final product, you can share it with us or you can explain it to us, or shorten the timetable if you’ve done any computer type or CAD design. After conducting the essential research and discussing all relevant information with you, our team will provide you with a price estimate and a manufacturing timeline. This will help you have a smoother and more trustworthy experience. After consultation, you can get your product quote within an hour.

What will be the Lead time for my products?

Lead time is entirely dependent on the complexity of the product and the design criteria; if you’re interested in standard product manufacturing, it will undoubtedly shorten the overall lead time of the production process. However, for custom designs, manufacturers need to conduct extensive research, which increases lead time.

Normally takes 2 to 3 weeks for standers product manufacturing, while costume design may take up to 3 to 5 weeks. At Baichuan We have advanced machinery and have all types of resigns, that will able to help us in reducing Lead time. however highly specific resigns may increase the production time.

Additional services that you may require, such as labeling or specialized surface finishing, will also affect the lead time.

How do you deliver international orders?

Most customers are concerned about delivery times and processes, and it is reasonable to have these concerns. as many machine shops do not service international clients. Therefore, before placing an order, you should get in touch with the industry.

Since Baichuan is now a recognized brand on a global scale, we serve customers from every corner of the world, from Europe to Australia. We are currently using all worldwide shipping services, including DHL, UPS, and FedEx, along with any other suitable modes of transportation, such as trains, ships, and aircraft.

Why Baichuan is the best decision for injection molding?

Baichuan is one of the leading plastic injection mold-making shops in China, we have a modern machine shop consisting of more than 2000 square feet. With more than 20 advanced CNC and injection molding machines and a market experience of almost 20 years, we are the market leader in our Niche.

For more information regarding Resin’s selection or any design complexity, you can contact us at

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