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CNC machining production process

CNC machining production process

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In the machinery manufacturing industry, high-precision cnc production and processing are actually index-controlled lathe processing. First, the engineering drawings to be produced and processed are written into the program flow, and then the computer connected with the cnc production and processing is connected to the cnc production and processing CNC lathe, and according to the programming The program carries out cnc production and processing CNC lathe operation, and carries out precision parts processing.

The processing and production process of high-precision cnc parts is as follows:

First of all, before processing CNC parts, we must clearly see the content of the production process, clearly understand the location, appearance and specifications of engineering drawings of steel production and processing, and understand the production and processing content of the technological process.

Before making the material for clamping and processing, it is necessary to accurately measure the specifications of the blank, whether it meets the requirements of the engineering drawings, and carefully check whether its placement meets the requirements.

After the initial processing of the production process, self-inspection should be carried out immediately to facilitate timely adjustment of the deviated statistical data. The key content of the self-inspection is the specifications of the production and processing parts.

Self-check process:

(1) Whether the mechanical parts are loose during the whole processing process;

(2) Whether the machining process of the part has a proper contact starting point;

(3) Whether the specifications from the machining position of CNC parts to the standard side (standard) meet the requirements of engineering drawings;

  • The specifications of the processing parts between cnc production. For the initial processing, after the appearance scale inspection, the accurate inspection of the appearance size (other than the arc) should be carried out.


The parts are processed in depth after the initial processing is determined. Before deep processing, conduct self-inspection on the topography and specifications of the position of the engineering drawing: check the production and processing position of its front and vertical planes at the production and processing position; accurately measure the base point specifications marked in the engineering drawing at the production and processing position. Perform component self-inspection, and make sure that the steel parts can be removed for inspection only after they meet the engineering drawings and the side of the processing specification. When encountering high-precision CNC parts for mass production and processing, it is necessary to first determine the products that meet the standards, and then carry out mass production and processing.

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