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Established in 2012, Kunshan Baichuan Precision Parts Co., Ltd is located in Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. Our company is equipped with more than 20 cnc machining centers, at the same time, equipped with high precision inspection equipment such as CMM, 2D Projector and 2D Microscope, etc. We are a professional machine shop specializing in custom non-standard machining parts. We have a technology team with over 20 years of machining experience, which enables us to offer the optimal machining solutions with cost savings. Our machine shop is covering 2000 square meters and we constantly strive for excellence from product design and parts manufacturing to qualified delivery. In the past 8 years, we have provided custom services for 2000 customers and won their praise. Our products are widely used in a broad scope of industries including Automation Equipment, Medical Equipment, Vessel, Aerospace industries, Winder Power Equipment, Automotive industries, Optical Equipment, Microwaudio-videoe Communicine, Food Machinery and Equipment,and Electrical Semi-conductor, etc. Please feel free to contact us. Tel: 86-134-5178-0566(Manager Liu)
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Inspection Equipment

All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out Qualification rate 99.9%

ISO9001 Certified Mold Maker

Speak directly to the clients,Increasing the communication efficiency by 50% Welcome on-site factory audits

Customer Feedback


A: We are a professional CNC machine shop with more than 25 years’ machiningexperience, located in Kunshan, China.

A: Please provide us with such 3D files as IGES,STEP, X_T and CAD files as DXF , DWG together with detailed PDF, and we promise that your designs will remain private.Please specify if you have any requirements.

A: Samples and drawings are available, and we will keep your drawings confidential.

A: 1-3 days for sample orders

A :(1)Raw material inspection- Using spectrum detection for raw material to ensure real material, and material inspection report is available.
(2)Production first inspection-Ensuring the critical dimensions in mass production.
(3)Pre-shipment inspection-100% inspected by QC department before shipment and each product is included with inspection report.

A: Please show us the pictures, and we will find the solutions.

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Mobile Phone: 86-134-5178-0566(Manager Liu)
Address: Building3, #159Kangzhuang Road,Kunshan, Jiangsu Province

Kunshan Baichuan Precision Parts Co.,Ltd

Address: Building 3,159# Kangzhuang Road Kunshan Jiangsu P.R.China


Phone: +86-15828280404

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