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Large cnc machining

Large component machining for your end product

Have you received a rejection letter from a manufacturer saying that their conventional methods can’t be used for advanced fabrication of too large or heavy parts? That would never happen to you with BaiChuan Precision. Our large CNC machining services are great for fabricating unusually sized parts and creating bizarre-looking prototypes and models. That’s how we serve any business and industry, including:

  • Industrial machinery making
  • Car and truck production
  • Aircraft industry
  • Naval vessel production, and so on

BaiChuan Precision has been doing it for large and small pieces for 25 years. We never keep you flummoxed with rejection letters and are always committed to providing top-quality large parts in a fraction of the time.

large cnc machining services

The large CNC machining manufacturer that sets you up for gains

We can machine large parts efficiently, reducing the cost and time you would be told to invest with other manufacturers. Our large-part machine shop is equipped with configurable machinery and tooling so that we can tune our CNC machines to the desired dimensions. You can be confident that your machined parts will match your exact requirements, no matter how intricate the specifications are.

large cnc milling services

With the BaiChuan Precision large-part CNC machining shop, you can get: 

  • Increased productivity: We deliver more parts in a shorter amount of time, which leads to enhanced productivity and higher profits for your business.
  • Increased efficiency: You get your oversized or heavy pieces as fast as smaller orders.
  • Improved quality: Our CNC machines are extremely accurate for producing parts of any size and configuration. 

We abide by strict QC measures throughout the process to ensure your large pieces are of the highest quality. Each step is scrutinized for accuracy – from initial design, material selection, and machining to final assembly. 

Large CNC milling services for the required materials and finishes

Our CNC milling equipment is as configurable for large items as for tiny parts. It delivers exceptional accuracy for unusual shapes and designs and can be set up for various materials, including metal, metal alloys, plastics, and custom non-metal materials. With our large CNC milling machines, you can benefit from increased speed, repeatability, and productivity to create complex parts.

You can also take advantage of BaiChuan Precision finishing services, such as sanding, polishing, coating, etc. This will ensure your parts are ready for use as soon as they come out of the machine.

We have proficiency in handling large projects. Let’s get started on yours!

large part cnc machining
large cnc machining

Think big with CNC milling machines

Oversized parts call for the workspace considerations you never have to worry about when fabricating standard pieces. They involve setting up CNC machines for vertical or horizontal accessibility, ensuring advanced heat protection for tooling and engineers, and adopting additional production techniques to avoid workpiece distortion.

The good news? BaiChuan Precision knows its way around unconventional pieces and workspace preparation. We share your vision for sophisticated custom items that push the boundaries of design and redefine what’s possible with large part machining. We utilize high-performance loaders and precision linear guides in temperature-controlled environments to ensure your components can be big and flawless.

Whatever oversized pieces you want us to produce, we think through all considerations so you don’t have to. Our processes are proven to fabricate large and extra-large parts for:

  • Construction machinery. Whether it’s associated with a towering crane or a bulldozer, we can mill gigantic custom gears, sprockets, tracks, and more for heavy equipment that has to withstand construction site conditions. 
  • Mining equipment. This industry often requires unconventionally sized pieces to extract and process materials, and CNC machining of large parts by BaiChuan Precision fits the bill. We can manufacture items for constant pounding and stress (like drill bits, crushing equipment, conveyor components, etc.).
  • Aerospace hardware. Precision and repeatability are paramount for systems you take to the skies. We are no strangers to producing custom structural elements like wing spars, fuselage sections, and bulkhead parts.
  • Semiconductor industry. Sometimes, specific vacuum conditions are necessary to eliminate flaws in semiconductors. To help you maintain them during your manufacturing process, we can produce vacuum chambers and parts.
  • Wind energy mechanisms. As wind power generation expands, milled components have grown bigger to maximize energy production. Our large part machining can be arranged for turbines, blades, nacelles, hubs, and bases. 

These are just some industrial components we can help you with. When projecting an imposing piece of machinery or structure, contact BaiChuan Precision, one of the largest CNC machine manufacturers globally.

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