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Features and processing characteristics of CNC lathes

Features and processing characteristics of CNC lathes

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In recent years, with the improvement of the precision requirements of machining products, the application of CNC lathes has become more and more extensive. CNC lathes are more and more favored by machining companies for their high precision, high efficiency, and difficult processing products. What are the characteristics and processing characteristics of CNC lathes?

The appearance of a CNC lathe is similar to an ordinary lathe, which includes a bed, a headstock, a tool post, a feed system pressure system, and a cooling and lubricating system. There is a qualitative difference between the feed system of CNC lathes and ordinary lathes. The feed box and gear change frame of traditional ordinary lathes are used in CNC lathes. The structure is greatly simplified.

After these years of reform and development, my country’s industrial production has also made a qualitative leap. More and more domestic CNC lathe brands have sprung up. Compared with imported machine tools, domestic CNC lathes have conquered most of the domestic market with high-quality and low-cost services. The types of CNC lathes can be classified according to the following methods.

Classification of lathe spindles

Horizontal lathe and CNC tilting guide rail. Its inclined guide rail structure enables the lathe to have greater rigidity and is easy to remove chips.

The vertical CNC lathe is a vertical CNC lathe whose main shaft is perpendicular to the horizontal plane and is a circular worktable with a large diameter for clamping workpieces. The spindle of the CNC vertical lathe is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the round table with a large diameter is used to clamp the workpiece.

According to the number of tool holders

Single tool post lathes are generally equipped with various forms of single tool post, four-station horizontal indexing tool post or automatic indexing tool post.

The dual tool rests of CNC lathes are arranged in parallel or perpendicular to each other.

Classified by function

Economical CNC Lathe

The ordinary lathe uses a stepping motor and a single-chip microcomputer to transform the ordinary lathe feed system to form a simple CNC lathe, which has a low cost, but its automation and functions are poor, and the turning precision is not high. It is suitable for turning parts of rotary processing.

Ordinary lathes are designed according to the turning requirements and equipped with systems to form CNC lathes. The system has strong functions, high degree of automation and high processing accuracy, and is suitable for turning parts of rotary parts. The CNC lathe can control two coordinate axes of X axis and Z axis at the same time.

Turning processing is based on ordinary lathes, adding C-axis and power head. More advanced CNC lathes are equipped with tool magazines, which can control the X, Z, and C three-coordinate axes. The linkage control axis can be (X, Z), (X , C) or (Z, C). The increase of the C-axis and the milling moving head greatly improves the processing functions of the CNC lathe. In addition to general turning, it can also process radial and axial milling, surface milling, and radial holes that are not in the rotation center of the part.

Numerical control lathes have a wide processing range and do not require high product materials. The company’s products have a wide range of applications, including medical accessories, optical products, mechanical equipment, hydraulic components, electronic accessories, etc. This product has extremely high requirements for contour accuracy and ultra-low surface roughness, and is suitable for processing on high-precision, high-function CNC lathes. Lenses that were difficult to process with plastic astigmatism in the past can now also be processed on CNC lathes. The machining contour accuracy is up to 0.1μm, and the roughness is up to 0.02μm. In the past, the material for ultra-precision turning parts was mainly metal, but now it has expanded to plastics and ceramics.

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