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Precision machining for small parts

Precision machining for small parts with proven technology

Custom CNC small parts machining

Do you have a vision for a new product that can only look complete with the most intricate components? As an innovative thinker, you know that custom CNC small parts manufacturing is the only way to achieve that precision and final assembly.

At BaiChuan Precision, we can zero in on CNC machining for complex custom pieces. Our machinists and leading-edge equipment can handle components with features measured down to the micron. Our CNC lathes are perfect for turning micro screws, pins, and shafts. We can also mill items with miniature holes, slots, and pockets. If you have a blueprint for it, we can machine it – with the tightest tolerances, finest finishes, and most unusual geometries to meet your exacting standards.

No matter how unusual your machining needs are, we can provide a solution that satisfies the requirements. Our CNC technology and equipment can be completed with different tooling, and our competence allows us to create even the smallest and most fragile parts. Depending on how complex they are, we can do everything from turning, milling, and drilling to surface grinding and finishing as part of a single service for machining small parts. Besides, we can optimize your designs to create the necessary pieces without wasting materials, which can be a tall order for tiny items.

precision machining small parts

Machining small metal parts without trade-offs

cnc machining small parts

When it’s small, you may be told it’s impossible to machine. Or they may want you to redesign your parts or shell out for more materials so that some manufacturability experiments can be carried out.


BaiChuan Precision takes a stand against trade-offs. We have over 2 decades of experience configuring CNC setups and delicate tooling at our manufacturing floors with the same dexterity a surgeon would use their tools in the operating room. That’s how we’ve mastered small-part CNC machining and learned the most efficient practices for your pieces:

  • We use high-precision cutters to avoid manufacturability mistakes.
  • To secure a part in place, we use a clamp that fits it.
  • To prevent heat damage, we set our equipment for low spindle speed.
  • We proceed cautiously to avert any damage to your small parts.


Once all machining processes are completed, small parts are inspected for quality assurance and utmost precision to assemble an end product that will 100% comply with your requirements.

machining small parts
machining small metal parts

Material selection for precision machining of small parts

small part cnc machining

We can prototype and manufacture an array of parts, from metal pieces to sophisticated non-metal shapes and geometries with tight tolerances. Regardless of what needs to be created, you can always expect:

  • Size compliance
  • Accurately made cuts
  • Lowered waste and scrap
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Reduced manufacturing costs

CNC machining of small parts by BaiChuan Precision can be performed with different materials, from steel and aluminum to titanium, brass, and bronze, as well as plastics and composites. If you are unsure which material to procure for your pieces, our team is always available to advise on what is best for your specific applications.


Where small machined parts work best

Creating small items would be impossible without specialized know-how and equipment. That’s what we are known for when producing miniature elements for applications from robotics to aerospace. We use precision tooling, custom workholding, and high-magnification inspection to ensure the most close-fitting tolerances required by certification authorities and compatibility intricacies in your industry. 

Before setting up machines powered by CNC for small parts, we always analyze where you will use them. This step underpins our manufacturing preparation process to make sure all complex contours, angles, and geometries are rendered according to specifications. 

Items like the tiniest medical devices or turbine blades with curved vanes are all possible. Our optimized processes and programming minimize setup times and maximize spindle utilization for volumes of up to 10K pieces.

In addition to small parts machining performed by BaiChuan Precision, you can opt for additional services like marking, heat treatment, welding, and assembly. Just let us know what finishing touches your small pieces need, and receive a quote that covers the whole production.

For small orders for CNC parts, contact us without a second thought and provide information about everything you need to be machined.

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